Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Surprise, Surprise!  We are expecting Walker baby 2.0.  Release date 5/4/12. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Neighbors...Thoughts on Environmentalism

So we have this neighbor is all up in everyone business.  Not in a nosy, gossipy way.  More like a bossy old grump way.  On a few occasions (on can count on my hand) my dog has gotten out of my house unleashed.  I swear my neighbor just circles the neighborhood looking for this to happen.  She will then ring my doorbell and chew me out until I am almost in tears.  I mean is that necessary?  She even went so far as to accuse me of almost killing someone because they were riding their bike while walking their huge dog (not a genius idea if you ask me) because when my dog got out their huge dog, tethered to their bike, took off and made the rider crash.  Can I honestly be at fault for that? 
She then always tries to be super nice and in a week or so we will have another encounter.
This week's encounter does not have to do with my dog.  We come home from driving around and having dinner at the in-laws and what do you know this neighbor is sitting in my front yard pulling weeds.  West and I know we have somewhat neglected our yard.  In fact we have been having conversations about some things we were thinking about changing and didn't feel it was necessary to really waste a bunch of time if we were going to rip a bunch of stuff up.  We had this thistle in our yard that had clearly gotten out of hand, but I kind of like the look of thistles and I thought it was pretty in my flower bed.  And here is this lady hacking it up.  So I get out of the car and the  conversation goes like this:
ME: "Oh that's nice of you, you don't have to do that."  
HER: "Oh yes I do!  (Proceeds into full rant)  This is one of the most noxious weeds and they are out of control in our neighborhood and the HOA has paid for these to be sprayed (and on and on and on)
WEST: (very calmly) I think my wife was just trying to be nice to you and I don't really appreciate you talking to her that way.
HER: on and on and on and on........
ME: (Walk in to house without saying anything else.)
Her: (To West) Aren't you on the HOA board?  Shouldn't you feel personally responsible to get this weed out of here since you used our money to pay for the weeds to be sprayed.....

That's about all I hear because I walked to far away from the front of our house.

That is our HOA fees are for.  I didn't know thistle was a noxious weed.  I really did think it looked pretty. And I totally redid my front yard yesterday.  She came and apologized like 3 times to West and to me.  I hope she likes it, and I hope its a small reminder to be nice.

Oh and even more impressive, I used rubber mulch (freakin' expensive) like 3" thick so weeds can't grow well there and its totally "green".  BOO-YA!

I'm not sure how putting a material that will never decompose in my yard is green just because its recycled when its counterpart is recycled, decomposable material that is renewable.  Maybe since its something that will never leave the face of this earth and its being reincarnated and instead of taking up a land fill, its taking up my yard.  Whatever makes y'all sleep at night.
I wish I invented the cash cow theory of environmentalism.  Its one thing to take care of the environment, and completely another to make money off of people feeling guilty and despicable for living on the earth. The world will end regardless, might as well save your money and not hate yourself.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, were have I been since January? Good question! Apparently not blogging...

I would like to clear up a little delusion I recently held. I for some reason thought that when you become a stay at home mom, you might have a little more time. Ha! Maybe this is true for some people but not for me! I mean how many things can one girl run....

This is where I have been since January,

Running my house, which seems to get way messier than it used to, or maybe I notice more because the human vaccuum that I have living with me has like a radar for the smallest remnant on the carpet. I swear I vaccuum once a day. Talia is an expert choker, in fact, she can cough on demand for attention. I think I should put it in her baby book as her fist word....

Raising a baby. A baby brings the most massive amount of love one can withstand before they are overcome. Its a complete roller coaster of emotions hour to hour, but I wouldn't change my little bundle of bossy, adventurous, independent, brilliant, beautiful, love for anything! In fact, I can't imagine only one of these little bundles. (This is not an announcement, simply a declaration that sometime within an undefined amount of time, I'd like another.)

Helping my husband run his business. Sometimes I feel a little selfish that I am working at Pier 1 because I want to and some of my friends are going back to work because they have to to supplement the family income. Its been a big blessing for our family for West to be an entrepreneur. We've been in charge of our own stability in a shaky economy and its been good to know we aren't at the mercy of someone else's payroll to provide for our family.

Working at Pier 1. Its a nice little out. Helps me feel important by giving me a way to provide insurance for the fam and I really like the discount!

Helping to run a restaurant. If you haven't tried it, don't........Its a lot of work for small margins and its a breeding ground for opportunistic crime and slightly lesser offenses.....

Starting my own business. As if I had nothing else going on. I am not willing to give up my career. I love design. I can't stop. Its an addiction. So, if the opportunity arises, I'll be ready!

How could you not love this face!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Stuff!!!!

Just wanted to let you all know about this awesome deal I scored!
In the valupak coupons they send in the mail, there is a coupon for a free baby sling at . You pick the style and size, and use promo code "Utah" at checkout. You just pay shipping and taxes (11.95). THEN, when I checked out, they gave me another promo code to use at for a free nursing cover. (Also pay shipping, 8.95). Udder covers promo code was "seven". I have one of these udder covers and they are awesome so I'm sure the sling will be great. I think they are the same company. I am saving the ones I ordered for gifts because they are such a great deal!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Card......I just can't wait for them to get here!

Shimmering Stars Christmas Card
Click here to browse hundreds of Christmas card designs.
View the entire collection of cards.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Holiday Cards!

SO........I have never really done Christmas cards. West and I are not the type to be in pictures. But this year I have been trying to find a perfect card because I have THE CUTEST baby who takes THE CUTEST pictures and I have THE CUTEST photo to share with you all!

And then it happened, I found THE CUTEST way to share said photo.

Shutterfly's 2010 Holiday Card Collection. Have you seen these things!?! Hundreds of cards too cute to choose from.

Shutterfly is so easy. All you do is...

1)Pick it! Your layout that is...... (I have spent 4 hours narrowing it to 4. I'm a little obsessed!)

2)Upload the snazziest photo you have! Bet you can't beat me!

3)Spell out your greeting!

Seriously that simple!

I have never done cards with Shutterfly before, but I have done their photo books. LOVE them. I created the book for the diner there and I have been compiling collections on my computer to have enough for other books. They are awesome quality, so easy, and they come so fast. I am sure the cards will be the same.

This is what I have narrowed it done to:
(click on photos to go to Shutterfly site for more info)

THE CUTEST! I know......
I know you'll all be waiting for the surprise of which design I choose and this little picture I am hiding from you all for the cards!

Also, did you know you can gift tags!? Check them out! Sweetness!

But do you know what is best of all? Coordinating address labels! Order them with your address and save yourself the trouble of writing your return address, and everyone will think you are so on top of it!

And maybe I've gotten a little carried away (I haven't been sleeping well lately), but then I saw these invitations and saw this cool new Tasting Party Collection from Pier 1. I can't fetching wait to plan my New Year's Party. Better get on it!

If you have a blog, here's the link for a shutterfly promotion...
You have until Friday!

Talia, 2 months old

All this modeling is tiring!